Hi, I'm Jontel Chere

I'm so glad you're here! We are going to have a lot of fun getting to know each other. Generic introductions freak me out, so buckle up! I'm not your typical photographer, I will start our conversations as I naturally speak... meaning no phony crap!! No ass kissing, I will talk to you like I've known you for years. Often times people mistake professionalism for authenticity and that couldn't be further from the truth. Don't you want a photographer that says and does from the heart rather than be a cookie cutter?! I nap too hard, thrift weekly + talk to my dog, Nori, in code words. I have to use two towels after a shower + eat dessert for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner. La Croix is my drink, don't even bother asking what I want, just know that La Croix is ALWAYS the answer. I am a 70s-90s music enthusiast and ice cream connoisseur. You'll find me tucked away in a cute 70s Olde Florida home with my asian-sensation fiancé, and scaring him by popping out of hiding spots! I photograph the non-traditional, happy in love, unapologetically authentic couples. Those sweet in-between moments and all the goofing around! I'm a firm believer in authenticity and not being stiff + posed. We'll have you playing rock, paper, scissors and embracing like one of those rom-com scenes in the middle of an airport. I'm a thrill seeker, so let's adventure. Who are you? I'm excited to meet you!!!

my promise to you

I got you! I want you to know that. From the moment you inquire to the moment I begin photographing your session/wedding, I got you! Need guidance, recs on vendors, or my humble opinion on your color scheme? Sure thing! Want me to meet with you for a tour of the venue? I gotchu! Forgot your shoes in the car? Sit down! I don't run, but I walk reallllly fast. Does your hairstylist need a helping hand? Here's mine... I'll hold a chunk of hair in one hand, while shooting with the other! Point is, I want your session/wedding day to run as smoothly as possible. I want to make sure you know that no matter the circumstances of the day, I can handle it! Whatever you may be worried about, I've got solutions. (Your worries are my solutions?) You're inviting me along to capture moments for a lifetime, that's some real shit! It takes guts to be vulnerable with a 3rd-wheel + all the things I'll have you two doing (some goofy, some intimate.) I'll provide you with guidelines and questionnaires to get to know you before your session/wedding day. I also want you to know that this is a space for ALL lovers- lgbtq, bipoc, same sex, religions, etc. This gal has your back. You're more than just a client, you're my friend. And friends don't let friends down- I got you babe!!



“We love our photos and can't believe they are us!”

—Savanna + Daniel

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